Slo Mo Joe

This morning I drove into town so that I could get a pedicure. There is nothing more relaxing than having your feet soaking in warm bubbly water as the chair massages your back. Also, I am horrible about remembering to take care of my feet so my heels were in very sorry shape. 😦

If you don’t like pictures of feet then please scroll down and keep going. I wanted to share my pretty toes with you, though, because they are so happy right now:

Aren’t they nice and sparkly?? I didn’t want them BAM in your face sparkly. They make me happy and that’s what matters.

On my way home I was thirsty so I thought I would pop into McD’s quickly for a sweet tea. It was noon, unfortunately, and the drive thru window had a HUGE line. There weren’t many cars actually parked so I figured that it would be faster to go inside. Besides, I wanted to show off my pretty toes. 🙂

I got into a line that only had three people in it and I figured I would be in and out of there in about 10 minutes at the most. Ha!! I’m so funny sometimes. lol. At first I thought that the issue was the fact that the asian woman who was ordering didn’t really seem to know what she wanted. The kid at the register was showing her different things and she would say okay, then would change her mind. It was a bit frustrating. They finally got her order done and were filling it when I noticed what the next issue was with this whole process. The kid at the register was Slo Mo Joe. I don’t think that he understood the concept of fast food nor the concept of multi-tasking. He would stand at the drink dispenser and patiently wait for each individual cup to fill. Then he would wander over to the fryer to get the fries. Then after he had deposited those on the tray he would wander over and take a look where the burgers are tossed. It was taking him forever to do anything.

The asian lady left and we finally were able to move up. Again, he was slow but things were going so that’s all that mattered. Just as I saw the light at the end of the tunnel (I was next to order) I noticed a guy in the line to my right. This line had been slow because somebody from one of the local stores had been sent over to get lunch for every employee. She had a LARGE order. They took care of her, though, and that line started to move a little faster. It was a cash only line, though, because the register wasn’t able to accept credit/debit cards. I watched this guy ordering and he’s got his credit card out and is ordering… as he’s standing IN FRONT of the sign that says CASH ONLY. Now, my eyesight isn’t the greatest and I could see the sign from five feet away. He didn’t see it from five inches away! When the girl told him that they couldn’t take credit cards at that terminal he got upset because he didn’t have any cash. She asked Slo Mo Joe if she could ring the guy up on his register and he said yes. So what happened? As the guy who had ordered in front of me left to go sit down with his food, the illiterate guy moves in front of me to put his order in AGAIN. GRRRR.

I was trying to keep calm. I figured that this would be a good exercise in patience and that this was my penalty for wanting a SWEET tea instead of something healthy like water. I figured that the right thing to do would be for Slo Mo Joe to use the girl’s Cash Only terminal and wait on me next. Boy, was I wrong! He stepped over and took the next person in THAT line. I would like to think that if I had been that person he was going to wait on that I would have looked over and asked the girl who had been standing there forever if she would like to go next (since the old illiterate guy had so rudely budged). Nope. Didn’t happen.

As I continued to stand and wait for my turn (all the time asking God if he was enjoying this) I looked over to the register on my left and saw that there was a young couple standing there who looked to be all of 14 years old. Seriously, there’s no way that either one of them could be old enough to drive. He apparently felt that he was too awesome for words because he was cool and styling those horrible baggy pants that are eight sizes too big. I looked and thought it was sweet that they brought their infant along, too. I’m hoping that the girl was babysitting for somebody else, but my gut said that she wasn’t. Knowing the area as I do I’m pretty sure it was probably hers. *sigh* Seeing things like that makes me worry for humanity.

Looking at the clock I noted that I had been in line for twenty minutes. TWENTY MINUTES!!!! Man, this iced tea had better be GOOD! What really stood out to me, as I was watching the chaos behind the counter, is how inefficient this group appeared. You had drive thru people running around getting things as the people at the counter were running over to the drive thru area to get stuff. You had the cooks in the back coming up to run the register or just dawdling around. People were running into each other. Curse words were being muttered. Dirty looks were being thrown around. Yes, it was quite the happy little place. lol. As I stood there watching one of the girls went to the cooler where the milk and parfaits are located. She opened the door, and the cooler must have been sitting very close to the edge, because the next thing you know the entire cooler comes crashing down on her. Slo Mo Joe turns around and grabs the cooler so that it doesn’t completely crush her, and somebody else comes rushing up on the other side to help him lift it up and back onto the counter. The manager comes running from the back and checks the girl out, escorting her to the back. A lady comes running up to the counter from the dining room and announces that she’s a nurse if they need her. The lunch hour is in full swing and there were six employees picking up the spilled product (I believe that all of it was sealed so there wasn’t anything to mop up) and trying to put the cooler back in order. Including Slo Mo Joe. The girl who had rang up the illiterate old guy was continuing to fill his order, but Slo Mo Joe literally stood at that cooler for a full minute trying to figure out how to put the racks back into it. Finally he returned to his register to finish ringing out the girl who should have let me go ahead of her.

All I had wanted was a sweet tea. That’s it. I was in that restaurant for THIRTY MINUTES. What really takes the cake is that as I was walking out I looked and I saw my ex sitting at one of the booths with his back to me. Apparently his mother had been somewhere in line behind me, but I hadn’t noticed with everything else going on. I have to give him credit that he didn’t say anything to me. I know that they came in after I did at some point, so they had to have seen me standing there. I did smile as I walked out because I had just washed and waxed my car last week when I was at my sister’s so it still looked pretty clean. My car is very hard to miss, what with my Dolphins tire cover on the back so I know that they had seen it. I wonder what he thought as he saw my shiny car and then saw me, happily alone, standing in line? Oh well. I hope that he has a good time shopping for more clothes that he doesn’t need at the mall. 🙂

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1 Response to Slo Mo Joe

  1. Jamie says:

    Lol. I would like to say I admire your determination to get sweet tea, but the former manager in me is having a epileptic convulsion. Please tell me you at least wrote in to the website and told them how appalling their service was so that they can send you a coupon for a free sweet tea and make it all worth while!

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