NC Vacation

I am definitely enjoying the fact that I’m not at work this week. I don’t miss it at all. In fact, there are times that I don’t even miss NY at all. I miss my cats, but that’s about it. My sister has worked this week so we really haven’t done a whole lot. Again, though, that’s okay with me. I’m content to sit back and relax.

On Monday I visited with my friend who lives down here. We had a good time. I try to make sure to get together with her every time I’m in the area. We spent the majority of the day together and then I went back to my sister’s.

Yesterday was my birthday and I didn’t do anything. It was great! Thank you to those of you who sent me birthday wishes. My sister made goulash for dinner and I just chilled. My parents called to wish me a happy birthday, but the call ended up frustrating me even more. It seems that my aunt called the lawyer last week and he hasn’t even sent out the letters regarding my grandma’s will!! I’ve heard horror stories where it took people a year to finally settle an estate and I do NOT want that to happen. I want to get in there and claim it as mine. I’m tired of living with my parents. I want my own space. :*(

Today was busy. I washed and waxed my car. Once I was done with that I vacuumed my sister’s place. Having a himalayan cat really creates a lot of fur balls hugging the floor. Then I took a shower, had lunch, and spent most of the afternoon stitching. It was nice. I even managed to get a nap in. lol

We went out to dinner tonight. I felt like a drink. I can’t even remember the last time that I really had a drink and I wanted a strawberry daiquiri. We went to my favorite restaurant, LongHorn, where we both ordered steaks. The server was EXCELLENT. He let us know that there was a special tonight on the 12 oz steaks that actually made them cheaper than the 8 oz we had ordered, so we changed that. Then he was very good at making sure our drinks were filled. Towards the end of the meal I went to use the restroom. I came back and shortly after I had sat down he comes over, puts a hot fudge sundae in front of me, and the servers sang Happy Birthday to me. When they left I asked my sister why she had told them it was my birthday. She protested that she hadn’t. The server had noticed it when he checked my ID for the drink. Even though I hadn’t wanted the attention, it was very sweet of him to do that for me. I guess that when I was in the bathroom he had asked Kimberly if we were here celebrating my birthday and she said no (we weren’t). He was a bit concerned and said that yesterday was my birthday so we should do something. That’s when he offered to bring that. She knew that I would instantly blame her. lol. Oh well. He was a good server so we left him a good tip.

I only have two days left here in the sunny south. 😦 I am going to head home on Saturday. *sigh* Tomorrow we are going to hit the consignment shops for bargains. My sister needs some shelves and a new filing cabinet so we’re going to see what we can find. It should be fun!

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