Asheville, NC

My first full day in NC. Only once when I woke up during the night did I wonder where I was. Not bad. Usually that happens a few times a night when I’m somewhere different. I did dream about work, though. I was very irritated and annoyed with a certain coworker. Not unusual.

My sister and I started off our morning by going to the local flea market. Usually these can be quite entertaining, but this one was very small. And by very small I mean that there were maybe a dozen vendors. I looked at the furniture and didn’t really find anything that I couldn’t live without. I even managed to get out of there without buying any books! That’s quite an accomplishment for me. 😉 I did buy two wastebaskets (which I will need when I finally get my house) and a little ceramic tray that has a picture of Betsy Ross and George Washington on it. I had to buy it because not only did it have the flag on it, but when you turned it over it said that it was created for the Lincoln Train Museum in Gettysburg! lol Yes, I’m a Gettysburg nerd. I can’t help it. The lady at the booth was extremely nice and said that she only charges half to all new customers. I offered to pay full price for stuff, since it didn’t amount to that much anyway, but she refused. She told me just to be sure to recommend her booth to somebody in the area. Okay… I wanted to ask her, “Don’t you hear my accent? I’m not from around here.” To keep my word, though, I turned around and told my sister. I feel that it counts.

Then this afternoon we went to Asheville, NC to visit my sister’s friend. If Asheville sounds familiar, but you’re not sure why, it’s because that is where the Biltmore Estate is located. No, we didn’t go there (the admission is $54, and that’s the advanced price!), but we did go through Biltmore Village. That’s where the only McDonald’s in the world with a player baby grand piano is located. It was raining off and on so we stopped at this antiques place that was in an old Tobacco Barn. They said there was 70,000 square feet of space. And it was packed! I took pictures which I will have to post later when I get home and have my cord to my camera. Things were a bit pricey, though. I found the exact vanity which I purchased two weeks ago in Buffalo! This one was in much nicer shape. None of the wood veneer was peeling at all. The price? $389. I guess that I will gladly take my $50 that needs a little work.

While we were at the antiques place we think that this young couple had their truck towed. When we were walking into the place this Ford Explorer truck parked right in front of a No Parking sign. The young couple got out and walked into the barn in front of us. They weren’t very far away when the lady at the counter got onto the PA and announced that whoever had the gray truck that was parked in the No Parking zone would have to move it right now or it would be towed. I watched the couple to see which one would go back to move it. Well, they both turned to listen to the announcement, they looked at their truck, and then kept walking towards the back of the barn. I overheard the lady say that if they didn’t move it they would have to pay a hefty $350 fine. The couple was in the back of the barn when we left, and their truck was not out front. We looked around to see if they had moved it, but we didn’t see it. That’s what happens when you think that you can do whatever you want.

Tomorrow will be a fun day because I am going to visit with one of my good friends, Stell. Woo-hoo!

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