Dirty Liberals

***Disclaimer – If you are of the liberal persuasion, or if you voted for Obama, please skip this blog post. It will do nothing except anger you. Thank you and have a great day.***

Last night I went to Erie with my friend Sarah. On the way her car became overly dramatic about the level of fuel in the tank, so we stopped at the Pilot station to fill up. As we pulled in I noticed a couple standing behind their vehicle. The guy was playing a banjo and the girl was holding a sign that says ‘Out of Gas’. There was something else written on it, but I couldn’t see what it said. As Sarah was filling up her car I had time to take in the scene. Let me attempt to paint a picture for you…

There sits the Jeep Grand Cherokee with a New Hampshire license plate. The girl has dreadlocks and the guy has one of those oversized hats that are usually worn so that you can push most of your dreads into it to get them out of the way. The guy is singing and plucking away at the banjo strings. As he sings I can see that he’s missing his two top front teeth. Both of them look like they could use a shower more than they could use gas. Also, the ‘O’ of the ‘Out’ on the cardboard sign is a peace sign. There is also a peace sign magnet on the tailgate of the Jeep. Can you see it? Have I painted enough of a picture? To add the finishing touch, I’m pretty sure that they voted for Obama. They looked like his type of brainless followers.

Perhaps I shouldn’t, but I judged them based on what I could assess from the scene. Maybe I would have felt differently if I had actually approached them and asked them some questions, but I didn’t. My first thought was, “If you drove all the way out from New Hampshire, why didn’t you make sure that you had enough money for gas??” My second thought was, “Why don’t you ask your buddy Obama for gas money.” The next thought was, “Why doesn’t he pawn the banjo for gas?” And finally I thought, “How did they manage to get to the gas station, pull head first into the parking spot (so I know that they weren’t towed), and they just happened to run out of gas at that point??”

As I was pondering all of this I noticed a guy walk up to the couple. He said a few words, and then kind of stood there like he was with them. This new person had a black lab on a leash, a brand new bottle of gatorade in one hand, and candy bars and slim jims in the other. I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt, thinking that perhaps this was just a random guy who walked up to talk to this couple and find out their story. Until they put the dog under the car and in the shade. And the guy with the gatorade just stood there, not really saying much; making a comment now and again. As I watched, trying to figure out if he was with them, he reached into the pockets of his shorts and pulled out a smart phone!! If I had even considered giving these people some money for gas then that thought would have flown right out the window as soon as I saw that phone. If you can afford to have a smart phone then you should be able to buy your own gas. Or, here’s a better idea, if you decide to take a road trip make sure that you either have AAA, or enough money for gas!! Those kind of people disgust me! Get a job you dirty, lazy, no good liberal!!

Yea for capitalism!!

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