You’re So Vain…

… you probably think this blog is about you. 🙂

In preparation for my new house (which feels like it’s taking forever to get!) I have been in search of a vanity. The bathroom in my house isn’t very big so I don’t want to store my hair stuff or my makeup in there. The bedroom is bigger, so I thought that a vanity would be perfect. The problem? I’m cheap. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a piece of furniture. Especially when I know that I can find one for a decent price if I’m patient.

I found one on Craig’s List last weekend. It was almost exactly what I had been looking for. The pictures weren’t the best, but the price was right. Thursday after work I drove up to Buffalo to take a look at it. It was in rougher shape than I had anticipated, but nothing that I can’t work with. I asked the girl if she would take less, and she agreed. So I got this vanity, plus the mirror, for $40. Not bad!

It looks rough because the laminate is peeling off. It has solid wood underneath, though, so I have something that I can work with. I don’t know what I’m going to do to fix it up, but for the price I really couldn’t go wrong. It came with a large mirror, but I am not going to post the picture because you don’t really need to see messy state of this room. lol. The dresser behind the vanity is my sister’s. It’s solid oak, I think. She only paid $45 for it. We both are cheap when it comes to buying furniture. I have to drag it down to North Carolina for her, though. That’s what happens when you have an SUV. *sigh*

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