A Job Well Done

Sometimes it’s nice to hear that your work is appreciated. Especially when you work hard and you don’t even know if anybody is noticing. I had a great pat on the shoulder today.

Part of my month end closing stuff is productivity and figuring out from where our variances are coming. It’s a time consuming task because I have to look at a bunch of different things and then calculate it out to make sure that it’s truly the reason for the change in cost. The plant managers depend on my report to understand what might have been done in their facility to cause the changes.

Today my boss and I had to explain to one of the managers why a part changed like it did. This is actually my favorite part of the job and what I’m really good at. I know how to dissect a part and find most, if not all, of the reason for the change. After we discussed it with him he ran off to a meeting. My boss went to the productivity meeting about an hour later and the people in that meeting were discussing some of the things that we had discussed with the plant manager. According to my boss, the plant manager then went on and on about how wonderful the reports were that we had provided to him and how great we were at explaining things. She said that it became embarrassing because he was going a little overboard. The president of the company was there, along with quite a few of the VP’s, so it was nice that they heard all of this. She said that the manager then claimed that we needed to hire more accountants so that we can really start to explain this stuff. lol. That’s what we’ve been telling them for over a year. But it was definitely nice to hear.

Oh, and as an aside, here’s something that you might find to be interesting. I had a dream last night that I had to go to Florida for a work seminar. While there I went to the beach and wore a new tankini. Boy, did I look awesome! All of these guys were hitting on me. lol. The funny thing about the dream is that in my dream I was much thinner than what I am in real life. Is that weird or what? When you dream do you dream that you are different, physically? Perhaps taller or shorter? Or toned?

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