Since I am no longer in school, or involved in any way with it, I always forget about Prom until I’m out for dinner and see the girls all dressed up. I enjoy prom nights because it gives me an opportunity to see what’s in style and to critique the girls’ dresses. Perhaps this is why I didn’t disappear tonight when the rapture was supposed to happen. 😉 Well, tonight was prom night for a few of the local high schools and I am here to report everything to you.

We will start out with our first group of young prom goers. This group was spotted at LongHorn Steakhouse. There were three couples. Two of the guys had vests to match their dates’ dresses. The third had to pick a color that shone from the sparkles on his date’s dress. From my observations it seems that sparkles and sequins are very much in vogue this year. Along with bright, and very ugly, colors and prints. Example #1: The only girl that I could see in this U-shaped booth had a dress that had a leopard print, but in mardi gras colors. Also, there was a line of gold crystals/sparkles running through it. I tried to find an example of it online, but I couldn’t even come close. I guess that you had to see it to believe it.

Group #2 was spotted at the Kwik Fill. Actually, one of the guys from group #2 was almost hit by me because he just walked out in front of my car. *sigh* Teenagers! I was busy pumping gas, but my friend Sarah filled me in on some details. I did see the girls. There were at least two couples, and possibly two stags. I’m not sure if the stag guy and girl were a couple because he was out by the car and she was in the store. The stag girl was in a very pretty sapphire blue dress. Her friend, though, should have followed her lead. This friend was in this short, orange-ish thing. If it was finger-tip length I would be surprised, and it was strapless. The third friend was in a white dress with gold beads here and there. Again, I didn’t get to see much of them because I was busy pumping gas. However, Sarah told me that apparently in front of the Kwik Fill store is the perfect place to make out. The girl in white initiated it with her guy, but Sarah wasn’t sure if the girl in orange initiated it or if it was the guy. Either way the front door of Kwik Fill really puts you in the mood. I was glad that I didn’t have to go in because the guys in the immediate area were kind of scary! I’m glad that I dodged that bullet. 😉

The last group of people were actually arriving and leaving from their prom. It seems that the local high school was holding the prom at the hall that is a block away from Sarah’s house. We drove by the park on the way to her house and there was quite a group getting their pictures taken at the gazebo. I wanted to gawk, but we were on a busy street and I didn’t want to hit anybody. lol Instead we stood in front of Sarah’s front door and watched the show. I told her that we should walk down there, but she refused. lol. I was forced, instead, to stand on her front step and make up my own stories about what was happening. Did you know that teenagers are impervious to cars? That’s what I learned. There were a LOT of them just standing in the middle of the road without a care. There were quite a few couples coming and going, too. I couldn’t determine if they were just getting to the prom, or if they were leaving. Teenagers are very confusing.

There was this one couple that I enjoyed watching for a while. They walked out of the hall and stood around talking with another couple for a few minutes. Then they walked about 20 feet down the sidewalk before they stopped and started making out. That lasted about a minute, before they turned around and started walking back towards the hall. I figured that they had to get beyond the one tree before they were allowed to make out without getting into trouble. And that made sense until they stopped again and started making out. They did this for a little while until this older woman walked past them. I can’t say that I blame the couple. I think that they heard her coming because her pants were so loud. I wish that you could have seen them. They were BRIGHT pink! I told Sarah that she needed to get a pair like that because then I would never lose her in a crowd. lol. Then I told her that I would get a pair like that and she didn’t think that I would wear them. I told her that I would, but only when we went out. lol. She wasn’t impressed. But back to the couple. They stood around for a while, then crossed the street towards the park. They disappeared! Maybe they were late to the rapture; I don’t know. We said that they disappeared into the bushes and I told Sarah that the girl wasn’t very smart to wear white because now she’s going to have grass stains all down the back of her dress. Yes, I know. I’m bad.

The last thing that really sticks out in my head (not counting the pink pants, which I still see when I close my eyes.. lol) was this poor girl. I felt so bad for her. She was stick thin and was wearing this short little dress with very high heels. It was quite apparent that she had not worn high heels before. She was trailing along behind the rest of her group and we weren’t sure if she was stag or had a date. She awkwardly walked across the gravel parking lot (she walked like she had blisters…. ouch!) and finally reached the sidewalk. As she did, one of the guys reached back and took her hand. Yes, she did have a date and he wasn’t man enough to help her across the parking lot when she was having problems. It just showed that some guys have no manners. Men! lol

Well, I guess that’s all I have to report about on prom night. Now I’m off to do an online search for bright pink pants… 😀

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