Well, either all of you are as bad as I am and therefore didn’t qualify for the instant disappearing act, or else the rapture was all a bunch of hooey. Either way, I’m disappointed. If I was too bad to disappear tonight then I was looking forward to the extra parking at Wal-Mart and the much shorter lines. If it didn’t happen at all, then I’m glad that I didn’t go out and blow my money on a last dinner at Olive Garden. After all, if I’m going to heaven then my Celiac Disease is null and void, right? It would be a very bad joke if I went to heaven and still had to worry about gluten. lol

My other thought on this is: What constitutes you being ‘good’ enough to disappear? I’m sure that there is some rule in the Bible, but if you are bending the rules slightly by using both the old and new testament to figure out the date of the rapture can you bend the rules for this as well? And if I do a good deed right before it happens, like I let a person cut in front of me in the line at Wal-Mart, does this add any bonus points in my favor? What if I refrain from hitting the woman in the tight, short skirt and 6″ heels as she’s walking down the middle of the shopping aisle and won’t let me pass with my cart? That HAS to count for something!

I am also very glad that I didn’t pay the group of Atheists to take care of my cats if I disappeared during the rapture ( According to the article the contract is good for 10 years, so I would still be covered now even though the rapture didn’t happen. That would be a load off of my mind! Although, before I went out tonight I gave my dad instructions on how to care for my cats in case I didn’t return. I told him that I was quite positive that he wasn’t going anywhere tonight. 😉

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