I had a very interesting dream last night. In fact, I woke up yelling because of what was going on. I was not a happy camper in this dream!

It started that I was attending a dinner party of some sort. I don’t remember why. All I remember is that I was dressed in this snazzy navy blue dress suit. I looked pretty sharp. 😉 I was sitting at a table with a couple on my left whom I didn’t know, and the lady on my right was somebody who I had known before so we did a lot of catching up. The couple on my left would engage me in conversation for a little while, and then they would make some comment that essentially pointed out how much smarter they were as compared to me. They were uber liberals and scoffed at my conservative views. Whatever. I finally started ignoring them.

The couple left after the dinner was basically over and I decided that I needed to get going as well. I said goodbye to the other woman and I headed out the door. I was rummaging in my purse for my car keys as I stepped out the door, a bit worried because I wasn’t finding them. I knew that I had put them in my purse! I looked up and I see the couple standing next to my car, with the husband putting my Dolphins tire cover back over the spare that’s on the back of my CR-V. I yelled at him, “Hey! What do you think you are doing??!” He jumped back, surprised that he had been caught, and quickly brought a look of nonchalance over his face. “Nothing. It’s just that our friend had a flat tire, didn’t have a spare, and so I thought that you wouldn’t mind if we used yours.” This really pissed me off! It was MY spare tire! How dare they think that they could just help themselves to my property. Then what really pissed me off was when he held out his hand to give me back MY CAR KEYS!!! I snatched them away and demanded to know how he managed to get my car keys. “It was easy enough when you were distracted with that other woman. I didn’t know if I would need them to get your spare off.” Just then the ex-Chief of Police came up to see what was going on. I told him that I wanted these people arrested for theft. He was good friends with the couple, so he told me that he couldn’t do that. I told him that they had stolen my car keys and my spare tire so I wanted them arrested. Again he told me that he wouldn’t do that.

At this point a woman came over and tried to get me to calm down. She was the one who had the flat tire. I looked over at her car and was abhorred to see that my spare tire was too big for her car! It barely fit within the wheel well and I knew that it would ruin the tire if she tried to drive on it. I couldn’t care less about her car. Just then the lady with whom I had been talking throughout the dinner came out and saw what was going on. I asked her to park behind the couple’s car so that they couldn’t leave because I was calling the cops. By god I was going to get them charged with theft! There would be no sharing the wealth when it came to my spare tire. The problem was that I didn’t have the local Sheriff’s phone number and I didn’t want to call 911 because it wasn’t technically an emergency. So I called my friend who is a probation officer in the neighboring County and asked him to do me a favor and call my sheriff for me. After I gave him a quick synopsis about what was going on he called them for me. My friend called me back to say that a patrol car was in the area and would be there within 5 minutes. He tried to get me to calm down, but I was still seeing red. The couple was telling me that I had no right to keep them there and I was yelling back at them that they weren’t going to get away with this! They had gone too far and I would NOT allow them to walk all over me. They would pay the price. Just as the patrol car pulled in I woke myself up because I was yelling in my sleep. Except, thankfully, it wasn’t a full yell. It was a ‘trying to keep quiet and yell’ thing. It was strange. lol

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  1. Jamie says:

    At least now I know where all the crazy dream vibes are coming from! :0)Interestingly, the dream dictionary suggests that your dream was a really good thing – it symbolizes strong emotional health and an ability to bounce back from a recent loss or struggle. Who knew?!

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